10 Reasons to Believe in a Creative Agency

Your brand is more than a logo. It should have an identity, a language, a story. Consumers don’t decide to buy because they like a logo; they buy because they feel an emotional connection to the brand’s personality, believe in its values and take pride in the qualities that endorsing that brand represents about themselves. This connection is not created through a logo alone. Working with a creative agency like Westbrook gets you so much more than a logo. We create brand stories then nourish them, nurture them, and allow them to fly.

  1. The big picture requires a team: Creative thinkers, market researchers, strategists, 3D specialists, social media experts, web developers, copywriters. As an agency we have all the ingredients and agility to deploy the most appropriate skill sets, which means your potential is not held back by lack of resources, but thrives on knowledge and creativity.
  2. That age-old adage, time is money. You have spent time becoming an expert on your customers and your business. In much the same way, we’ve spent years honing our craft, investing in our skill set, analysing what works and what doesn’t. You know your customer, but you aren’t necessarily an expert on getting this message across. By working with an agency, you benefit from years of training and experience, so when you need a job doing fast, we can turn it around in double-time.
  3. We write our own briefs. Once we understand the motives, strengths and goals of a business, we are able to interpret the vision into a brief that’s appropriately tailored to timescale and budget. Working this way opens up a broader scope for success. For example, you may want an ad, but what you actually need is a campaign strategy. 
  4. Many heads are better than one. Working with an agency guarantees a multi-brained approach. When working with Westbrook, it’s a fait accompli that when we present you with three concepts, you can bet your last marketing-dollar that we’ve discarded at least twenty other ideas to reach those top three. We have the in-house ability to see the potential in an idea, critique it and jettison it where necessary, leaving you, the client, with just the very polished tip of the creative iceberg to consider.
  5. Quality over quantity. Ask us any day of the week: We would rather five clients that put their complete faith in us, work with us, and enjoy a relationship filled with mutual appreciation for the value of each other’s energy and time, than have fifty ‘quick and dirty’ jobs to turn around. Clients get the best out of us when we have the time to get to know your business, whether that’s conducting a full brand audit, asking the MD some tough questions or putting your customer service team through its paces. Understanding a business in inside and out enables us to make decisions objectively and take the creative lead.
  6. Evolution versus revolution. When it comes to a rebrand, there’s an art to finding the critical point on the sliding-scale between a light brand refresh and a total identity over-haul. In well-established businesses, there can be a whole host of reasons behind the decision to rebrand: outdated values, market repositioning, change of ownership; which is why there can be a very fine line to tread. Attracting the new customers you want, without alienating the existing customers you need, comes down to a carefully weighed-out balance of brand identity, tone of voice, language, creativity and timing: Something that only an agency has the ability to guide with a delicate yet resolute touch. 
  7. Be a leader, not a follower. Don’t regurgitate what’s already out there. Whilst we really enjoy being presented with your carefully curated mood boards, it’s the insight we gain into your vision, passion and core values from which we start to build your brand. A designer should never encourage you to be a lookalike. By starting on the back foot, you’ll never get ahead. An agency has the creativity and capacity to be original, transcend trends and most importantly future-proof your brand, create something for now but also give it room to grow.
  8. Consistency. We like to call ourselves brand guardians. One of our clients even likes to call us their ‘brand angels’. When you put your brand in our hands, we will make every endeavour to live and breathe it. In print, online, out-of-home. Being consistent is key to being recognisable, relatable and approachable. 
  9. Objectivity. You’re incredibly close to your business, and so you should be. We have the benefit of being able to step back from your world and critique it objectively, even identify opportunities you may not have fathomed before. Our goal is to add brand equity to your business. Think: If the worst should happen tomorrow and you were struck down by a freak bolt of lightning, what would the brand that you leave behind really stand for?
  10. Last but never least, trust. Trust is at the heart of all our strongest B2B relationships. Our goal is to let you get on which doing what you do best: Running your business. 

At Westbrook, we do all of the above and more. Of course there’s a time and a place for working with bedroom freelancers, but just remember, we believe in value: Value for money, the value of time, and the value of relationships. So, believe in us.