The Bilge-O-matic

It’s an unprecedented time for many of us; the world is currently awash (no pun intended) with volumes of news we’ve never seen before. It’s on the TV, the radio, across social media, in the papers, on the Tube – everywhere… How do we cope with it all?

Most is very much of value and actually very good advice, but some out there is utter bilge. When someone starts a sentence with ‘My friend’s mum said she heard from her neighbour Doris from three doors down that you can’t…’ then you might need to take that bit of news with a pinch of salt. Now, Doris could well be a Neuroscientist, or a Judge, or the PM’s right-hand-gal for that matter, but you just need to be careful what and who you listen to, and yes, that includes the press.

It’s tough knowing what to believe. The press can be inflammatory at times and, if I’m honest, perhaps don’t fully comprehend the power they yield when the glitter of a hot scoop is at their fingertips. Ideas are unfortunately more infectious than this blasted virus, and once the seed is sown, the internet and gossipmongers can do the rest of the damage.

This is indeed a very tough time for all of us, but all is not lost and there will be light at the end of this indefinitely long, frustrating tunnel we find ourselves in.

In the mean time we would like to lighten the mood and introduce to you the Bilge-o-Matic 2020. You can use this to gauge the news and information you are being fed, helping you to make your own informed decisions as to what to believe. The Bilge-o-Matic is completely free to download from our website so you can print and make yours at the office, or indeed at home if that’s where you are calling base for now. We’d love to see pics of you using it – just tag @westbrookagency

Westbrook are in the business of communication. It’s what we do day in and out. That is exactly what is needed at this time if businesses are to survive… communication. Your customers may be advised to stay away for now but they will be back in time. In the meantime make sure you can still talk to them, tell them what you are up to, what your plans are for when the restrictions are lifted and life begins to get back to normal, which it will do.

At Westbrook we are marching on head high, still supporting our clients new and old during this frustrating time. We are on hand, if not in person, then by Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp or phone, to talk to everyone and anyone who needs advice during this tough time and help them make a plan for the weeks or months ahead. Business owners can be remarkable when the pressure is on, now is that time, we know innovation can come from adversity and we know there are some remarkable and resilient people out there. If you’ve got an idea that will help your business stay profitable, talk to us we’d love to make it a reality.

In the mean time, stay safe, stay informed and keep your head held high.