Week 1: See you on the slopes!

Ready to unlock the first world? It’s time to hit the slopes! So wrap up, clip in, and grab your skis!

In this world you’ll climb the mountain in the ski lift, tackle a death-defying loop-the-loop, ice skate on the frozen pond, then finish up at the ski lodge to warm yourself up again by the crackling fire. You might even bump into some very cheeky furry friends!

So get your camera device ready, and scan or tap the code below. Remember – look out for the flashing festive arrows which will direct you to the scene’s interactive elements, and make sure your sound is on!

Ski Scene QR Code Final

Don’t forget to #share the Christmas spirit!

The worlds have been created to bring joy to all who visit! We encourage all Adventurers to share and explore the worlds with their loved ones, wherever they may be this Christmas. If you like, you can simply forward this email using the link below.

We would love to see what you get up to on your Adventures! Send your screenshots or recordings to us at hello@westbrookagency.co.uk or share them on your social media using the hashtag #WestbrookAdventure – and remember to tag us @WestbrookAgency!

Haven’t got Adobe Aero yet?
Adobe Aero is the app you’ll need to view all the worlds. Just head to our webpage to download the app, then come back to this page and use the code to launch the world.

Need some help?
On our webpage you’ll also find tips for using the Adobe Aero app, and handy troubleshoots in case you have any problems accessing the worlds.