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The brands of the future will be the ones that can be experienced.

Our SENSES campaign launching Spring 2021 encourages companies to understand what makes a brand really special and how to turn that into a more sensory experience for consumers.
We work with brands to help them go back to basics; how does it feel, what does it look, smell and sound like, how do we physically connect to customers?
Wondering what it’s all about?
Try our SENSES Starter Kit to get you going!
Having all lived life remotely for almost a year, with shops, events and attractions closed for so long, we believe creating physical, tangible experiences for customers is going to play a big role in re-connecting companies with their customers.
Much weight has been placed over recent years on the story behind brands and the emotions behind those stories, but few have explored what really triggers those emotions. Ultimately it’s a combination of sensory experiences that are at the root of it all, and now is the time to let them free again.

Who is SENSES for?

The Curious, the Trailblazers and the Rethinkers. Brands, businesses and organisations can all benefit from harnessing the SENSES.
If this sounds like you, then talk to us. Get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page, or keep an eye, ear, nose and finger on the hashtag #wbsenses2021 to find out more.

The SENSES Starter Kit

Everyone has their own unique bank of sensory experiences that will spark memories and emotions. Here are just a few of ours to get you started…


Dark chocolate + blue cheese
Black pepper + strawberries
McDonald’s fries + vanilla milkshake


The creak of the rope on tree swing.
Spring lambs in a field.
The cacophany of applause when a try is scored at a rugby match.


The moment you pluck a tomato from its vine – sniff the stalk!
Fresh tennis balls.
Hot pavements on a summer’s day.
Rosemary on a barbecue.


Fingers running through long grass.
Fuzzy peaches.
Toes sinking into sand along the waterline.

And finally, look.

Turn off your phone.
Slow down and look up.
In the words of Ferris Beuller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

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