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Content & SEO

A challenge for any business is ensuring you have a website that customers can find.

Good construction and clean navigation play a part in this, however the biggest influence is the website content and appropriate Search Engine Optimisation.

Content is quite a board term. It covers a multitude of elements that you can and can’t see on a website. The parts you can see are the copy in the pages, the news articles or blog posts, and if you feel, the products you list.

What you can’t see are what’s known as ‘meta-data.’ These are the things that Google uses to essentially glue all the information on your site together. Page titles, descriptions, keywords, tags, categories, image names; these are all snippets of copy and words that are tucked within the code of your site that google loves, partly because it’s easy for Google to read, partly because it shows how relevant your website is to the audience. It’s this juicy combination of visible and invisible ‘content’ that bumps you up the rankings on search engine pages.

No wizardry here...

Just to be clear, there is no ‘dark art’ associated with content creation, a lot of it is applying traditional marketing techniques to a digital platform. It’s less about volume of traffic, and more about the quality of vision finding your website. We want to make sure you are found for what you want to be found for. ‘Good’ SEO should essentially sort the virtual wheat from the chaff.