Harrogate Brasserie

Harrogate Brasserie

The Harrogate Brasserie was established in 1990 by Richard Finney who, alongside a highly experienced team, had run the restaurant/hotel business from its Cheltenham Parade address for the past 27 years.

Earlier in 2017 something a little unusual happened in Harrogate, in that a traditional Yorkshire brewery bought this rather ‘French’ restaurant & bar.

An odd pairing some might think but in reality it was the perfect match, both Timothy Taylor’s and the Brasserie are long established family run businesses, with individuality, ethos and values in common. For some time Timothy Taylor’s had been eyeing up the ideal location to showcase their ales, and more, to locals and tourists. Naturally a venue such as the ‘Brasserie’ with its unique personality fitted the bill perfectly and Taylor’s jumped at the opportunity.

Westbrook were engaged as central agency on the project to manage everything from branding to competitor research to web development. We have worked closely with the Timothy Taylor’s operational teams to ensure that the essence of this fabulous venue is not lost with such a strong brand such as Taylor’s as it’s new guardians. Westbrook have worked hard to create a sense of ‘place’ for the project ensuring customers old and of course new find their part in the story of the Harrogate Brasserie. We look forward to seeing how the Brasserie develops in 2018.

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